Just Another of The Botanical Gardens

In This Picture you see a Few Close ups of the Garden, As well As My Sister & I Relaxing.

The Botanical Gardens.

I Have Truly Fallen In Love with this Sim, The Creators That Worked on it Did an Amazing Job. The Textures (around 800) Are amazingly done.
It would be wonderful, As a Romantic Date, Just hanging out With Family ( As i did) Or, Just a place to relax & think (as i will).. Also, They Do Weddings!
You don’t find too Many Places like this in Second life, When You Find a Treasure You Keep it. 🙂

Here Is the Website you Can Check out. : http://www.slbotanicalgardens.com/

And Of Course, The SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Botanical%20Gardens/150/71/30

Walk Of Shame.

This Dress Is Called “Walk Of Shame”
It Comes From, .::Pink Sugah::.
I Truly Love this Dress, Its Adorable & Sexy. & Its Perfect For those Like me Who Love Animal Print 😀

It Come In Different Styles As Well, Also Comes with The Lola Tango Appliers

Hello, Im Pezzy.

Thought Id Start off by telling Everyone A little About Me.
I’m a 21 Year old Single/Stay at home Mommy, My Little Diva’s Name is Layla Gracie Mae, Shes 14Months old & My World. I’ll Be honest I wanted to start Blogging Cuz I get Bored Really Easily lol. I Won’t commit myself to Posting So Many blogs A Day, But i will Promise that i will Post as much as possible 🙂 .. If Anyone Has Any tips on this Blogging thing I’d Be more than happy to hear them lol.. Thanks ❤ Pezzy.